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“This fascinating series of books from Gabe Deremiens will help professional gay men improve their leadership skills to become a rockstar role model by mastering confidence, communication and their inner game.

The thread connecting all books in the series is leadership. But each book focuses on what Gabe calls different aspects of oneself. He defines those aspects as professional life, mindset and personal life. Each book examines what it means to be a rockstar role model in a particular aspect. For example, book #1 focuses on being a rockstar role model in your professional life, book #2 focuses on your mindset and the final book in the series focuses on your personal life.”

Be a rockstart role model


A Gay Male Leader's Guide

Need to learn how to boost your confidence, enhance your communication skills, and improve your inner game? Wondering about the power of mentoring? These are the keys to becoming a rockstar role model—and unlike other leadership books, this refreshing guide offers both a framework with specific principles and a step-by-step planning process tailored for gay men, with an eye toward your unique challenges and mindset hurdles.

Within these pages, you’ll find authentic stories about the author and other professional gay men who’ve struggled, lost jobs, and rebounded using the author’s rockstar role model techniques. They’ve not only succeeded—they’ve become superstars in their fields (and in their personal lives as well!). Now you can, too.

In Be a Rockstar Role Model, you’ll discover how to:

  • thrive as a leader, get results, and track your successes

  • use specific techniques for dealing with harassment

  • create an action plan to reach your goals

  • employ quick wins to generate momentum

  • become more self-aware and ultimately more effective

With Gabe Deremiens’ help, you’ll learn how to play to your strengths as a gay male leader and develop three distinct, invaluable qualities of leadership—being authentic, adopting a mindset of servant leadership, and leading by example. And the book will give you the keys to mastering your inner game—the people skills that every job (and healthy relationship) requires and that are critical to success.

Ready to be a rockstar role model? Buy now and make a commitment to yourself to develop those core skills and be the leader you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Be a Rockstar Role Model: A Gay Man’s Guide to a Positive Mindset.


 Be a Rockstar Role Model: A Gay Man’s Guide to Being Your Authentic Self in Your Personal Life.


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